Patient Participation Group

Save Our Surgery

West Northants Council Planning Meeting

Wednesday, February 9th

6:00pm in the Council Chamber, Lodge Road, Daventry, NN11 4FP

Show your support, be there early!

The Patients of Today securing the future of our surgery for the Patients of the Future!

Did you know:


The Medical Centre supports 8300 patients - it was built for 4500.


If we want more appointments, they need bigger premises. More clinics and specialist services will be able to be held at Byfield, benefiting us all.


A GP surgery is a private business, delivering public services - they get paid to deliver the NHS priorities: success is determined by how many people they can help - if they can’t do enough of it, they can’t cover their costs and will close. It also needs the pharmacy to be viable.

GUARANTEED: The planning permission will legally ensure the plot for the surgery will never be allowed to become more housing.

Reasons to support the proposals:

This is the only offer that includes money towards both Land and build costs - without which it is not feasible.

More residents = more secure amenities - families for the school, customers for the shops, attendees to your clubs and events, jobs in the village, maybe even better broadband.

Affordable housing is an essential part of the envelopment - that’s houses for locals and for future generations.

Traffic will never be ideal, but comments and suggestions have been incorporated into the current plan. 4000 less patient will needs to access via Fiveways and Church Street.

GUARANTEED: Final decisions on what should be done rest with the Highways and the developer is giving a large chunk on money to be spent as Highways see fit.

What you can do:

Come along and show your support at the planning meeting on the 9th of February

Let’s show the Council this has our support!!

We have a long established Patient Group which meets every 3 months at the surgery for one hour to put forward ideas and opinions on how we can make things better. Your valuable input can only add weight to what the Patient Group are trying to achieve.

Byfield Medical Centre Patient Group

The Medical Centre has, for many years, benefited from the advice and support of a Patient Group. The representatives of the Patient Group are drawn from across the geographical area covered by the Medical Centre and assist the partners and practice management team with a patient perspective on matters affecting the surgery.

The current representatives are:

Byfield Rachel Johnson, Marilyn Lowe

Eydon John Grindlay

The Boddingtons Moya Stewart

Priors Hardwick John Eustace

Woodford Halse Trudy Thornton, Gill Pitt, Sheila Hartwell

Preston Capes Sylvia Delacoe

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John White Funeral Directors Daventry Oradi