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Antenatal Clinic

These are held every Thursday afternoon between 1.00 and 5.00pm and on Fridays from 9.00am to 1.00pm. Patients are seen by appointment by our community midwife.

Baby Clinic

The health visitors are available at the 'Sure Start' Centre in Woodford Halse on a Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. The sessions give mothers an opportunity to raise any concerns they may have on such matters as sleeping or feeding problems. Please phone the health visitors on (01327) 260804 to arrange an appointment.

Six-week baby checks are undertaken each Monday afternoon by all the GPs in rotation. Developmental checks are undertaken at separate appointments.

Respiratory Clinic

This clinic is run by nurses who are qualified to advise on and provide treatment for our patients with COPD who wish to discuss their condition.

Diabetic Clinic

This clinic is run by our specially qualified practice nurses in conjunction with the doctors, by appointment.

Family Planning

All members of the primary care team are qualified to advise on contraceptive care. In addition, Dr Bone, Dr Nicola Moerdyk and Dr Annalise Mowbray also offer a Family Planning Clinic where they are able to provide Long Acting Reversible Contraception (LARC) such as intra-uterine devices (IUDs) or contraceptive implants. An initial consultation with a doctor of your own choice is required prior to the provision of LARC.

Well Man Clinic

The are held by our practice nurses who are trained to advise on men's health issues generally. For availability and to make an appointment, please contact reception.

Well Woman Clinic

Clinics are held by our practice nurses who are trained to advise on women’s health issues generally and to take cervical smears. For availability, and to make an appointment, please contact reception.

Minor Surgery

Drs Bone, Harvey and Nawaz carry out minor surgical procedures at the surgery. Patients will be advised by the doctor if he is able to perform such a procedure at the surgery. Only then will you be able to book a minor surgery appointment. Minor surgery clinics are generally run on Monday afternoons.

Blood Tests

Our health care assistants are available daily between 8.00am and 3.00pm to take patient blood samples as required. This service is available by appointment only - please contact reception to arrange an appointment.


Two general practice counsellors are available. Appointments are by referral only; please discuss this service with your doctor.

Travel Immunisations

Please make an appointment at least eight weeks before you are due to travel abroad. This is to ensure that any immunisations are fully effective. A charge will be made for certain immunisations which are not within the remit of the NHS. A list of these charges is held at reception.

Byfield Medical Centre is registered as a Yellow Fever Vaccination Centre.

Flu Vaccination And Pneumococcal Vaccination

A yearly influenza vaccination is particularly recommended for all patients over the age of 65 years. It is also recommended for those aged six months or over with respiratory disease (including asthma); heart, liver or kidney disease; diabetes mellitus; those who are immunosuppressed due to disease or treatment; residents of nursing and rest homes. Vaccinations are also by appointment.

Non-NHS Examinations

The doctors are happy to carry out medicals, eg for insurance, driving licences etc. These are available, by appointment, outside normal surgery hours and are charged at the current BMA recommended rates. Please ask at reception for details.

NHS 111

Patients who require medical advice may call the NHS 111 Service on 111.


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